10 Tools for Software Architects to Increase the Productivity

Ali Zeynalli
3 min readNov 27, 2023
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Software Architects, as mentioned in my early blog posts, are often experienced Software Engineers with programming background. Over time when Engineers convert to Tech Leads or Software Architects, they program less and manage more. Generally, Software Architects are dealing with more high-level design, IT documentation, requirements engineering, resource management etc. Often for these activities Engineers need different Software Tools for drawing Diagrams, UMLs.

Diagramming Tools…

Visio — popular diagram designing tool offered by Microsoft. There are lots of functionalities with collaboration mode available.

draw.io — for-free browser mode only Diagramming Tool with collaboration mode.

Cloudcraft — visual designer created by AWS.

Diagramm As Code…

PlantUML — Text based Diagramming language with simple syntax. You can add it to your favourite IDE as an external plugin.

Structurizr — code based diagramming and documentation tool.

Graphviz — open source graph visualization software.

UML Tools…

ArchiMate — open source modeling toolkit for creating ArchiMate scetches.



Ali Zeynalli

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