12 Must-Read Books for Software Engineers

Ali Zeynalli
4 min readMar 17, 2022
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Most Computer Science students get pumped up with lots of theory in university years, that don’t really apply to day-to-day working life. Basically, there are bunch of qualitative books for software engineers that are not part of the university curriculum. Based on my personal book shelf and with some research I tried to point out some important software engineering books that I believe would take the reader to next level.

1.Basic Data Structures and Algorithms are fundamental pillars for every Software Engineer. Although these do not apply very much to working life too much on daily basis, understanding different techniques and patterns is a good plus. Introduction To Algorithms is the perfect allrounder book to master DTs and Algos. This is a very theoretic book, but it has also perfect puzzles with solutions.

Introduction to Algorithms

2. For those who are actively looking for a job and have difficulties with technical interviews Cracking The Coding Interview is a salvation. This masterpiece goes over most important techniques when solving different dt and algo puzzles in terms of time and memory efficiency.

Cracking the Coding Interview

3.Getting a software system to work is not the ultimate goal what Software Engineer should target only. Every time Software Engineer makes a code review first questions that come to his/her mind should be: 1. Can I make this code more performant? Can I make this code to take up less memory? Do clean code standards are applied correctly? Can I make use of different OOP techniques? Bonus: Clean Code will definitely help you improve your refactoring skills.

Clean Code

4. Refactoring from Martin Fowler is an alternative book for clean code. It might be supplementary to the previous one although some parts might seem like repetition.



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