Roadmap of a Software Architect

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  • Solution Architect/Software Architect— low-level architect that is usually previous or active senior software engineer. He/She is in charge of technical design and architecture of a product…

Bad Practices in Spring

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Architecture Patterns for Front-End Development

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Software Architecture smells and heuristics

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  1. Loose Coupling — if classes use each other, they are coupled together. The less classes are coupled, the easier is to change them.
  2. High Cohesion — degree to which elements of a whole belong together. …

Singleton, Prototype, Factory, Proxy, Template Design Patterns in Spring

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Software Architect’s approach to building a system in the cloud

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  • On-demand self-service — consumer can demand more memory, cpu etc. automatically without communicating with cloud provider.
  • Resource pooling — cloud resources are pooled. …

Basics of designing a software system with scalable example

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Docker Best Practices

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Basics of DevOps, recommended books and toolchain

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  1. Agile — software development methodology of iterative manner, with each iteration new piece of software is delievered…

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Ali Zeynalli

Senior Software Engineer | Allianz Technology GmbH | M.Sc. Technical University of Berlin

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